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Top 7 Makeup Artist Courses in Delhi (With Poll Results!)

Top 7 Makeup Artist Courses in Delhi (With Poll Results!)

We have already bid goodbye to times when being a Makeup Artist was not even considered a thing in India. Even a decade ago, people did not recognize it as a full-time profession and did not know what all opportunities it held. In today’s time, the Makeup industry is at a boom, and with increasing western culture in India, this boom is not going to stop anytime soon. 

Why do you need to do a makeup course?

Although this field does not have much theoretical knowledge to take, you will need to learn about colors, skin, products, brushes, and trends if you wish to become a good and professional makeup artist.

To learn such essential aspects of this field, you need to ensure that you learn only from highly experienced makeup artists, who deliver their training through various beautician courses.

How to choose the best Makeup Academy in Delhi?

To choose the suitable classes for your Makeup Course, here are a few aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Trainer’s Experience: This field, more than any other, asks for experience, and if the trainers have a good portfolio, their teachings will inevitably be impactful.
  2. Marketing Techniques: You’ll be required to learn essential Marketing skills like Social Media and Search Engine marketing to attract the clients. You should check out whether the academy teaches this module or not.
  3. Fees: Some makeup academies charge way more than they are supposed to. And it is crucial that while choosing an academy, we look towards the financial aspect as well.
  4. Hands on Practice: This field will undoubtedly require more practical than theoretical experience. Therefore it is imperative that whichever coaching you choose should give you practical sessions, not just theory.

Now, to make things a little easier for you, we have curated a list of the seven best academies in Delhi for becoming a Makeup Artist. This list is created after detailed research and keeping the above points in mind.  Let’s start!

Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star Academy

This is one of the underrated makeup academies in Delhi, but while deep diving and researching, this academy is included in this list for many good reasons. Ashmeen, the founder of this academy, has been practicing Makeup since 1996 and started her own classes in 2002. With years came a lot of experience and learning, which you will find in her courses. 

The way her courses are created is an excellent example of how good a makeup artist she is. The classes at AMSSA are designed to give you a good understanding of Makeup in a time span as short as 2-3 months. They offer a master’s course, a blend of many verticles of the makeup industry. 

About the Faculty

Asmeen Munjal is one of those teachers who were born an artist and made their careers out of their passion for Makeup. Asmeen has 23+ years of experience, and her perfection with the brush shows her expertise well. She has been helping students to achieve sheer brilliance and make the best out of their artists self.


Rs. 60,000 Onwards


East of Kailash & Ashok Vihar

Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design

Blossom Kochhar is a renowned name in the glamor world, and you must have heard this name associated with the skin and fragrance segment. BKCCAD is a great place to start your Makeup artist journey as the courses they offer to cover the very basic to the highly advanced level aspects of Makeup. 

A good thing about BKCCAD is that the instructors here are highly professional and ensure each student understands the Makeup theory and can apply it in their practical life. Interestingly BKCCAD also invites trainers from outside India and exposes their students to western trends. This way, students know how the Industry works in western countries and what sort of scope they have. 

About the Faculty

Dr. Blossom is a very well know beauty expert and has been teaching hair, skin, and Makeup. She has given more than 30 years of her life to teaching and discovering new techniques in all these areas. In addition, the teachers that are available in Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and Design are personally trained by Blossom Kochhar. 


Rs. 1,40,000 Onwards


Shahpur Jat (South Delhi)

MAMA – Masters Academy Of Makeup Art

MAMA is one of those academies for Makeup that may not be very heard of, but their results and success stories are exceptional. It has a wide range of professionals working day and night to create future professionals through their extensive knowledge and experience. 

Here, you will find several different courses on Makeup, Skin, and Hair that are divided into levels. Their courses also vary in duration, such as Fast track courses, Candy classes (one-day class), 20-day courses for beginners, and many such courses that are curated for the absolute ease of students. 

About the Faculty

All the teachers at MAMA make the teaching level high enough that it becomes difficult to compete. Shalini is a master at MAMA and has been in the industry since 2021. With extensive knowledge and exposure to the glamour world, Shalini makes sure she leaves zest of her in every student she teaches. 


Rs. 5,000 Onwards


Jangpura Extension (South East Delhi)

Lakme Academy

Lakme, one of the most influential makeup brands in India and on a global level, has its own academy to train and create best of the Makeup artists. Some of the most prominent and successful Makeup Artists are a gift from Lakme Academy itself; luckily, Delhi has one of the biggest centers of Lakme Academy. 

Lakme Academy Provides Basic to Advance level courses in streams such as Makeup, Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, etc. Taking certification from here will be a great start to your Makeup Artist Career. 

About the Faculty

Lakme itself trains the teachers at Lakme academy. And they ensure that each of their teachers is aligned with the Values of Lakme and their standard so far. Lakme trains their to be faculties so good that the word of competition simply eliminates. The teachers here are highly knowledgeable, and their hold on Makeup is incredible. 


Rs. 40,000 Onwards


18 centers across Central, West and South Delhi

Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

If you are someone who has always admired a good makeup artist, then this class is for you. MDM is a class that was started by one Makeup Lover for millions of Makeup lovers. With the purpose of spreading awareness to providing resources for studying Makeup, MDM has been at all these places. 

The team at MDM understands and respects your Art, and they are keen to help each of their student to flourish and become what they admire. MDM not just teaches but also ensures that their students are settled in the places they deserve. MDM has helped more than 2500 students get good jobs at reputated salons across the country. 

About the Faculty

Meenakshi Dutt started her career around 1997 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Now, If you have ever dreamt of pursuing the Art of Makeup as a full-time profession, then Meenakshi Dutt is a perfect mentor to rely upon. She has an ideal hold on colors, blending, hair, and numerous areas of Makeup. 


Rs. 1,25,000 Onwards


Malviya Nagar (South Delhi)

Orane International School Of Beauty & Wellness 

Orane Beauty and Wellness school is another great option if you look at Makeup artists as a career in the long run. They have internationally trained coaches who ensure that they become an end-to-end knowledge provider for anything and everything related to this Industry. 

This Makeup school empowers you and keeps pushing you towards your goal of becoming a good makeup artist. They have courses starting from Two-month diploma courses to Master courses beginning at an affordable price. At orane, you will also find that they focus equally on theoretical and practical knowledge as they believe each of these is interdependent. 

About the Faculty

Teachers at Orane have impacted 25,000+ lives, and there is no stopping at this point as well. The faculties here are trained professionals from this institute itself and are experts in different areas of Makeup, hair, and skin. At Orane, each teacher believes that art can transform people’s lives, and with this value, they keep spreading knowledge and art.  


Rs. 35,000 Onwards


7 centers across East, South and West Delhi


Airblack started to bring change into how Makeup was taught, and it brought a remarkable difference. At Airblack, they aim to help millions of people find their passion and pursue it at full speed. They are one of the best knowledge providers in the country for Makeup, and hundreds of makeup artists are who they are because of Air black. 

About the Faculty

Makeup artists such as Aarti Makker, Sohni Juneja, Puja Tuteja, and many more renowned names are experts at Air black. They all hold a strong portfolio and many years of experience in this industry. These experts have created many more experts by now, and several more are in the making. All these makeup artists have their specific niche and take classes based on that. 


Makeup course from Airblack will, on average, cost you between Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 35,000.


South Delhi, Gurgaon and Online

Comparison Table

Academy NameFeesLocation
Lakme AcademyRs. 40,000 Onwards18 centers across Central, West and South Delhi
AirblackRs. 24,000 onwardsSouth Delhi, Gurgaon and Online
Aashmeen Munjaal’s Star AcademyRs. 60,000 onwardsAshok Vihar and East of Kailash
Blossom Kochhar College of Creative Arts and DesignRs. 1,40,000 onwardsShahpur Jat (South Delhi)
MAMA – Masters Academy Of Makeup ArtRs. 5,000 onwardsJangpura Extension (South East Delhi)
Meenakshi Dutt MakeoversRs. 1,25,000 onwardsMalviya Magar
Orane International School Of Beauty & Wellness Rs. 35,000 onwards7 centers across East, South and West Delhi

Poll Results

Best Makeup Artist Course in Delhi


This was our list of the best makeup classes in Delhi. We tried to cover all the essential points that will help you make a choice. Although as important as an academy is, it is also vital that you feel the zeal to learn Makeup. Makeup is an Art, and if this Art isn’t your driving force, the journey may become a bit difficult. Hence always make sure that you pursue this profession only if you see yourself doing this after 20 years also. 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the duration of a Makeup Artist Course?

The duration of Makeup Artist Courses ranges from 1 month to 1 year, depending upon the course curriculum.

What is the Average fees of a Makeup Artist Course in Delhi?

The average fees of a Makeup Artist course in Delhi is approximately INR 50,000

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